Buzzwords are everywhere these days. If you’ve been online recently you’ve probably heard about the importance of ‘continual cultural transformation’, or how taking a ‘bottoms up approach’ is vital to your long term success… or how you should lean-in, start with why, and kill the sacred cow. And while these are all great aphorisms, they tend to fall flat on practical application.

That’s why at Credabl we take a more pragmatic approach to learning and development. We recently co-hosted an interactive business development workshop with Veterinary Growth Partners, where 21 vet practice owners from across Australia came together to learn and share wisdom.

Hosted by Garrick Transell, Adam Arbolino, Kelly Gall and David Butchart, 4 key points really stood out to us:

Don’t race to the bottom!

“There are no winners in this race. The only sustainable way to free yourself from this trap is to establish genuinely unique (and defensible) selling points” – Garrick Transell.

Once consciously entered into a race for solely the best price or location, a business will rapidly lose its cutting edge and point of difference. The focal point shifts from providing the very best experience for your client to winning elsewhere and, speaking of buzzwords, look after your client.

The establishment of new and creative Wellness Programs (for pets and owners!) is an example of where a business’ caring and creative worlds can collide, causing a catalyst of positive and memorable experiences that, ultimately, will always equal loyalty and business growth.

Create moments of remarkability!

“Every business has the opportunity to do something small to stand out from their competitors and give their customers something to remark to their friends about” – Adam Arbolino.

Whether it’s a small gesture or a memorable gift, it’s very difficult to forget something that impresses you. People love to share valuable information and experiences which don’t need to be expensive or complicated, just thoughtful and at the right time.

Get off the tools!

“In the early days of a new practice, owners tend to do it all. They act as receptionists, practice managers, vet surgeons, marketers, bookkeepers, cleaners and salespeople.” – Garrick Transell.

The temptation of a small business owner and active practitioner is to be the person of all trades and, therefore, spread themselves very thin. There should be a natural tendency to work more to grow the business than to be extensively hands on in the business. Trusting that your team are the right people for the job and are making the difference should be enough of a fillip for a business owner to be the business growth specialist.

Culture and values!

“To properly integrate cultural values everyone in the business needs to live and breathe them.” – Adam Arbolino.

Creating values is the easy part, some might say; integrating them, upholding them, living them are harder. No one value will necessarily resonate with everyone in a business but it’s more than just words. As was discussed on the day, “A practice that is all about their people, should get their staff involved in designing the refurbishment of the practice so they feel involved in the space they work in”.

We have created a network of impressive and valuable partners who help practice and clinic owners grow their business. Credabl provides finance for the medical industry based on over 25 years of experience in helping medical professionals become the best in class.

And while our team would not profess to being specialists in every field of business, along with our partners we know that we have access to a network of experts who can help right across the board.


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