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Start Up or Buy In?

Over the years we’ve spoken to a wide range of medical professionals, many of whom have always dreamed of having their own practice. […]

Do You Need a Coffee Machine?

When it comes to fitting out your practice, chances are you’re on top of selecting the right equipment and technology you need to […]

Lifestyle Tips – Combatting Sacrifice

We know, and cannot underestimate, the sacrifice you’ve made to become a doctor. We fully support your commitment and dedication to bettering human […]

It’s time to prioritise you.

The choice to become a medical professional – whether we’re talking about a doctor, dentist or vet – requires a lot of personal […]

Keeping Your Practice Technology Up-to-Date

Ok, so we’re going to state the obvious: you want the best care for your patients and they want the best from you. […]

Where to live as a Medical Professional

We’ve all heard the moniker “location, location, location”. But for Medical professionals, choosing an area close to work is pretty important. With your […]

Practice Property Debate: To rent or buy?

When it comes to your practice, you need to consider the options clinically. In the middle of a working session with a client […]

Tough decisions – avo toast or a new home? A 3 part series of ideas to help you have your toast… and eat it (Part Three)

Part three In the previous parts, we discussed what lenders are looking for when they weigh up loan approvals and what funding you […]

Making your practice smile

During #dentalhealthweek the @AustralianDentalAssociation is encouraging all Australians to visit their dentist regularly. In addition to ensuring good oral health and dental hygiene, […]