Beyond Graduation

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Press Release: Griffith University and Credabl announce up to $30,000 in Financial Hardship Scholarships for medical and master of dentistry students

Griffith University has launched a Financial Hardship Scholarship for first year students in its Master of Dentistry program and third year students in […]

First Home Buyer and Builder Schemes available to you

If you’re a first home buyer and managed to find your way amongst all the information out there on grants, schemes and incentives […]

Starting and Succeeding in Private Practice

Setting up a private practice can be exciting and bring a great sense of pride and achievement. However, it may also be overwhelming […]

Engaging a solicitor as a home buyer

As a home buyer, and in particular a first home buyer, it’s important to surround yourself with the right team of professionals to […]

The hook, line and stinger of home loans today

The mortgage market is fiercely competitive, with banks and brokers alike keen to bring on new clients. If you’re in the market for […]

Make your Private Practice ambition a reality

As a medical professional, you’ve probably considered going into Private Practice at least once. So why not turn that ambition into a reality […]

Offset versus Redraw – which one do you choose?

When thinking about home loan options there are lots of different features to consider, and often it’s in language not commonly understood by […]

Banking on your parents

Many medical professionals are lucky enough to have incredibly supportive parents – the kind that have given them moral and possibly financial support […]

PRACTICE + LIFE: Our inspiring chat with QLD’s first quadriplegic doctor Dinesh Palipana

The inspiring story of Dinesh Palipana overcoming adversity to become Queensland’s first quadriplegic Doctor is well known amongst the medical community. As well […]