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Picking a financier in a crowded marketplace: Top 5 tips from Barry Lanesman

Businesses that want to remain competitive and retain loyal clients are constantly seeking ways to differentiate their product or service. While they are […]

What should you consider when purchasing commercial property?

Purchasing commercial property follows a different process to that of securing a home loan. When you buy a house, you usually consider your […]

The changing face of mortgages

It’s an exciting time in the mortgage industry with a renewed optimism in the market following some significant wins both politically and economically. […]

Bringing forward asset purchases below $30K

Keeping up with technology and new equipment can be quite a challenge financially. It’s not surprising that decisions to replace old equipment or […]

Tips for first home buyers in a buyer’s market

After 12 months of house price declines, many of the real estate industry folk are calling it a buyer’s market – across most […]

SMSF lending – what you need to know

With many major banks withdrawing from superannuation lending, purchasing property, including practice premises, in a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a hot topic. […]

Social Credit Scoring – Utopia or Dystopia?

Lenders have long been using credit scoring as a decision-making tool when it comes to approving loans. A financial credit score rates your […]

The value of a pre-approval when house hunting

If you’re house hunting, chances are you’ve got every new property listing alert set up to reach your inbox the second it’s listed. […]

Should you crunch your credit cards?

Over 70% of Australians are in the trap of the credit card merry-go-round – and Doctors and Dentist are part of this group. […]

Is it time to unbank?

The non-traditional banking revolution began almost a decade ago; however, many consumers remain tied to having their finance needs met by their primary […]