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Spotlight on: Kelly Gall, Finalist, Women in Finance Mortgage & Finance Broker of the Year

With over a decade of experience in medical finance, lending specialist Kelly Gall is well known for tailoring individual finance solutions for her clients. […]

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The hook, line and stinger of home loans today

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The power of partnerships

In today’s rapidly changing environment, a “go-it-alone” approach to growth is by no means the best strategy for businesses. Healthcare professionals and companies […]

Developing a strong brand for your practice

The significance of a medical practice’s name, visual and brand identity are often overlooked. Whether you’re thinking of refreshing your practice’s brand, starting […]

Offset versus Redraw – which one do you choose?

When thinking about home loan options there are lots of different features to consider, and often it’s in language not commonly understood by […]

Cash requirements for starting up your practice

Starting a practice from scratch can be a daunting yet exciting process. From beginning your journey at University, to becoming a salaried employee […]

 Perth Residential Market – Reflecting on June 2020

June 2020 was a month of COVID-19 headlines across the country, but in Australia’s small town of Perth, those headlines were also dominated […]

Benefits of using a Buyers Agent

Buying a residential, commercial, or investment property is likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll make, so it pays to understand how the […]

The ins and outs of financing a construction project

Whether you are building a new practice premises, setting up a new practice or renovating your existing practice, undertaking a construction project can […]