Practice Purchase and Growth

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AML, CTF and KYC – what you need to know

Ever wondered why you need to provide certain types of ID (that’s the one acronym we hopefully don’t need to define for you!) […]

Six things to think about before fitting out your practice

As a medical professional, you’re likely to be spending a lot of time with patients in your practice. Whether your practice has a […]

Transferring your commercial property into SMSF

There are a number of different entities that can purchase commercial property including individuals, individuals in partnership, companies, trustees of discretionary trusts, trustees […]

From Dreaming to Achieving – what to include in your business plan

The vision and dreams that clients bring to us to bring their new medical practice to life are usually oozing with excitement and […]

Employing the right people for your practice

Part of being a business owner means you’ll most likely need to employ people to work for you. The roles of these people […]

What’s your practice’s purpose?

Buzzwords are everywhere these days. If you’ve been online recently you’ve probably heard about the importance of ‘continual cultural transformation’, or how taking […]

The importance of customer experience in healthcare

Customer service, not quality of care, is the main reason that patients complain following an interaction with a healthcare organisation, according to a […]

Picking a financier in a crowded marketplace: Top 5 tips from Barry Lanesman

Businesses that want to remain competitive and retain loyal clients are constantly seeking ways to differentiate their product or service. While they are […]

Are you putting your hard-earned assets at risk? Have you considered giving your medical indemnity insurance a health check?

We recently sat down with Perth based Sandy Dusting from Doctors’ Choice Medical Indemnity Advisers to get some further insight into why medical […]

What should you consider when purchasing commercial property?

Purchasing commercial property follows a different process to that of securing a home loan. When you buy a house, you usually consider your […]