In our personal and work lives at present, the only thing that is for certain, is that we do not know what the future holds. To be successful, we have to determine which attitudes or practices we may need to stop, start and accelerate. It’s important to find a balance between what has worked in the past and what we can change to succeed in the new normal. How we cope with these changes mentally is also likely to have a substantial impact on our people.

In this webchat, Stafford Hamilton (CEO, Credabl) and Garrick Transell (facilitator and keynote speaker at Simply Psyched) chat about different ways to address stress, motivation and mental wellness as we form new habits.

They discuss:

  • Adapting our mindset: not assuming that the old ways will come back
  • Why stress isn’t actually the demon we’ve been led to believe
  • How motivation mechanisms work and why it’s so difficult to form new habits

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