Mainstream media has picked up what those in the industry have known for many years now: the frontline workers in the Emergency Departments in hospitals are legends that walk among us. Long hours, zero room for error, exposed to constant danger and that’s not just during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team at Credabl have partnered with the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation to provide four cooling vests to allow them to go about their work in, crucially, both comfort and safety.

“We are delighted to be providing much needed support for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation through the provision of the cooling vests. We know what a wonderful and hard-working job these medical professionals do and anything small that we can do to help make their jobs more comfortable then we love being there for them”. – Lewis Johns, Credabl Queensland

What is a Cooling Vest?

The professionals who spend hours in the emergency units of hospitals are working with an uncomfortable amount of protective clothing and, in some cases, under strong heat lamps that are keeping the patient warm. This all equates to a dramatic increase in body heat which is where the vests, packed with dry cooling blocks, ensure that the body temperature remains low despite the number of layers.

Hear first-hand from Lucie Scott and Dr Christa Bell, the legends themselves in this short video:


Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation raises funds to support patients and their families by delivering local health programs and projects while supporting the incredible patient care provided by Gold Coast Health medical professionals.

“Together with the wonderful support of its valued supporters, the Foundation is committed to raising much-needed funds to benefit the health and well-being of children and adults across the Gold Coast region. The Foundation does not fund anything that government budgets provide, but rather delivers a range of vital support programs that would not otherwise be available to patients and their families at local public hospitals and community health facilities”. – Ben Cox, CEO Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

Listen to Tegan Tarquinio, Fundraising Coordinator at GCHF in the below video:

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