The significance of a medical practice’s name, visual and brand identity are often overlooked. Whether you’re thinking of refreshing your practice’s brand, starting a new practice or even rebranding a practice you’ve purchased, the importance of making an easily recognisable and relatable name and visual impression cannot be underestimated.

Defining your brand

Who is your practice? This is the first and most important question to ask, even before you start. Your practice is more than the professionals who work there, it is also the emotions it creates, the community it services, the location it’s in and the services it can provide. A strong brand can communicate all of these things to your patients before they even walk in!

Start by coming up with a characterisation of your practice that accounts for all of the above, and let that guide the way you make decisions about the practice’s brand.

Are you a small family practice in a leafy suburb? Consider a bright, natural and approachable logo and colour palette, showcasing fun pictures of your community and staff. Are you a luxury surgery offering specialised treatments? Maybe sleek, crisp lines and a monochromatic colour palette is the way to go for you.

The essentials – what makes up a brand?

Your practice’s brand is in everything it does, and the most successful ones will reach beyond simply a good logo. The basics of a brand are usually covered in brand guidelines, but your practice might only need a logo, colour palette and fonts. These should be consistent across everything you print or display digitally.

Some of the more obvious areas where your brand communicates with your patients are in the printed documents (letterheads, envelopes, folders, business cards) or on your website (especially if you have an online booking system). Some others to pay close attention to might be uniforms, fitout and interior design or even the tone with which emails or text reminders are composed. If you’ve got a facebook or Instagram account, carrying your brand persona into how you present on social media is also important.

Your practice’s brand can even be in the way patients are welcomed into or move throughout the practice – do they ring an exclusive doorbell, or pass through a homely hallway with pictures of past patients? Having a consistent user experience (UX) that has everything from stationery to the refreshments provided sending the same message can empower your practice to be recommendable, well-rated and even fun for your patients!

Accessing designers and design tools

Now all of this sounds great, but obviously quite expensive. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Often large businesses will hire an agency to design the particulars of their brand and this might be right for some practices, but this can also be a self-directed exercise that doesn’t break the bank. If you develop a strong characterisation of your practice (as above) and make sure you ask yourself WWMPD? (What would my practice do?) at every step, you’ll do just fine!

There are plenty of resources across a range of budgets for you to access when designing or redesigning your practice’s brand. Freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork have a massive range of skills and services on offer. They can design brand guidelines or logos, edit videos or even create merchandise. Just make sure to check out their previous work and see if it aligns with the new character you envisage for your practice.

When it comes to designing your stationary or collateral, Canva is an example of an easy-to-use online platform that has a huge number of professional templates you can use for free!

In terms of your internal space, working with your fitout specialist to craft your patient journey will certainly assist in achieving an attractive interior design that matches your practice’s brand.

Let your mind run free!

Designing a brand and user experience can be a fun and rewarding process. At Credabl, we often see clients bring their practices to life through visual identity. A brand should be a core part of your business plan. So what are you waiting for? Get branding!


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