In today’s rapidly changing environment, a “go-it-alone” approach to growth is by no means the best strategy for businesses. Healthcare professionals and companies that originally grew organically are being forced to consider new ways to expand, seeking collaborative innovation to deliver on what their clients need today – and in the future. At Credabl, we believe that collaboration and strategic partnerships are critical to improving business outcomes.

Partnerships can benefit everyone: clients, employees and ultimately the businesses involved. Clients benefit from the expertise and solutions each organisation brings to the table, gaining access to new services and products mutually created to help them become more successful. Employees benefit by expanding their professional development through exposure to new capability and opportunities. Businesses benefit by growing their addressable market and increasing their relevance to the clients they seek to serve.

At Credabl, since inception, we have focused on forging partnerships across the financial, healthcare and technology industries to create a better experience for healthcare professionals; one that provides the value, flexibility and speed that you require to achieve your personal and professional ambitions. For example, whether you’re investing in new technology, building your dream practice or investing in your professional development and education, the services and solutions that are available to you to achieve these ambitions are ever-evolving as a result of partnerships. Let’s take a look at a few of these…

Buy now, repay later

Although there has been a lot of fanfare about buy now, pay later with companies growing in the millennial space like Afterpay and Zip Money, the reality is that there has been considerable innovation in the healthcare industry for a number of years through strategic partnerships between product providers and financiers. As a practice owner in 2020, you can leverage the benefits of upgrading to the latest in patient treatment technology, without worrying about the immediate financial pressure that comes from an instant increase in your practice expenses.

This has been crucial to the industry throughout the disruption of COVID-19, directly addressing the immediate financial challenges faced by practice owners. You get to sleep easy at night knowing you have twelve months to integrate the technology into your existing patient treatment strategy, with the goal of increasing billings before you need to make any repayments on the new purchase.

You’re probably thinking – where is the catch? With these new innovative solutions, there is no interest charged to the healthcare professional in this period, with the interest cost that would normally be charged being covered in the partnership agreement between the equipment providers and Credabl. There is always a cost to sales and marketing in any business and in this case, this expense has been re-directed from other sales and marketing investments in order to address a very real challenge facing practice owners.

It’s 2020 and life is complicated!

As a modern day professional or business owner, the delicate balancing act of succeeding in our professional careers while maintaining some element of a rewarding personal life has never been harder. We have seen the consequences of this play out in recent years through an increased spotlight on mental health and wellbeing. The challenge of burn out and having a sustainable career faced by healthcare professionals is very real and one that requires a collaborative approach from all stakeholders.

Credabl’s partnership with Qantas Business Rewards is just one way we are helping people succeed and live the life they always dreamed of. Through this partnership, Credabl is able to help medical professionals on the front line find balance and ensure you’re being rewarded for your efforts in business. While flying in business class overseas this year is looking unlikely and a local holiday within your state won’t solve all of your problems, it certainly takes the edge off!

Time is money –  the future is here

The old adage that time is money can never be replaced as it is one of the only things you can’t buy! This is especially true for healthcare professionals whose relationship between time and income is more important as they seek to maximise clinical time and billings.

To cater to time poor healthcare professionals, at Credabl we put speed, value and convenience for our clients at that heart of everything we do. We appreciate that every minute spent sorting out your finances is potential billings for the practice or valuable time given up with family and friends.

The Credabl team of finance consultants nationally has over 200 years of cumulative experience in the healthcare field and are the best in the business. That being said, advancements in technology and acknowledging shifting consumer expectations around service and product delivery cannot be ignored so we have to strike a balance between the power of our people and the power of technology.

For the last three years Credabl has been partnering with leading tech providers to design and build the first digital loan application exclusively for healthcare professionals. This allows you to organise finance anytime, anywhere, with a few clicks on your mobile, tablet or laptop, using the latest 256-bit encryption to safely secure your personal information. This innovative technology also allows healthcare professionals to easily integrate with your accounting software and existing banking providers to provide any relevant financial information required within 60 seconds. No more annoying phone calls and emails to accountants and banks chasing information! Credabl is also working with partners who specialise in Automated Intelligence to expedite the time required to approve a loan to make this process easier and faster than ever before.

A new alternative for a new world

The team at Credabl are proud to be building a purpose-led, innovative business that can provide the service and solutions the healthcare community needs now and into the future, designed to propel the careers of professionals like you forward, giving you the expertise and support required to provide world class healthcare to all Australians. Reach out and get in touch with a member of the Credabl team today, we would love to hear from you!


Whether you’re new to seeking finance or ready for a review, we’re available to chat live on our website or you can call one of our specialist lenders on 1300 27 33 22.

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