With over a decade of experience in medical finance, lending specialist Kelly Gall is well known for tailoring individual finance solutions for her clients. But she hasn’t achieved this by simply selling them a product. Kelly takes the time to look at the personal and professional situation as a whole for each and every client, to ensure they’re getting the best possible experience and outcome.

“My business strategy has always been formed around building relationships” describes Kelly. “There’s no vested interest other than wanting to make a difference to help my clients realise their dreams,” she continues.

As the finance industry continues to evolve having a dedicated point of relationship has been lost in many organisations where people swap and change roles, or the dreaded restructure. This results in clients losing that direct point of contact that they want and need.

Kelly is clearly passionate and takes a lot of pride in the relationships she has formed with her clients. This comes from being forward-thinking, proactive, and providing options to her clients that best suit their needs.

She explains: “Sometimes a client doesn’t know what they’re looking for or that they have other options available. It’s quite a consultative process with the client and their advisors. I always feel choice is one of the most important aspects of the decision making process.”

At Credabl I have the ability to write loans on balance sheet but I also have the option of introducing and leveraging other lender’s balance sheets, should they be better suited to the clients’ needs. This translates to more options for the clients and can all be sorted out in a single phone call from the client.

“I once had a client looking to install dental equipment on a Friday which had to be paid for the day prior. The client planned it this way to be able to start the new week with this imaging technology which allowed for the preparation of surgical cases of implant placements. When his existing lender couldn’t complete in time, he called me. But by then it was already Wednesday. I was able to have his loan approved, documents completed and the transaction settled by midday Thursday. No need to call or rebook patients at all.”

Happy clients are the best brand ambassadors in a niche market such as medical finance. If you’re not doing the right thing by your clients you’ll be quickly found out and won’t last. The service provided but more importantly, the relationship formed then triggers referrals and acts as lead generation.

When asked for her best piece of career advice, Kelly’s words are ones to remember.

“The thing that always stands out to me is the why. When you can put your hand on your heart and be proud of what you represent and deliver, everyone around you can feel it. If it feels like a ‘job’ it’s time for a change and to put yourself out there and find your tribe, to find your place, and make a difference.”

Perhaps here at Credabl we are the luckiest ones, because we’ve got Kelly Gall on our team! If you want to get in contact with Kelly call her on 0437 925 555 or email at kelly.gall@credabl.com.au.


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