Griffith University has launched a Financial Hardship Scholarship for first year students in its Master of Dentistry program and third year students in its Doctor of Medicine degree.

The Scholarship is funded by Credabl, a specialist medical lender, that has pledged to provide $30,000, over three years, to six students struggling with financial hardship.

Richard Smith, School Manager, School of Dentistry and Oral Health said the Scholarship is an important initiative both now and in the future to alleviate the hardship some students experience.

“I’ve had the privilege of seeing many students fulfill their dreams of becoming a dentist. However, I’ve seen many struggle to make ends meet, impacting their course focus or completion. Access to the Credabl Financial Hardship Scholarship may change the course for some of our amazing students and their future in dentistry.”

Professor David Ellwood, Dean of Medicine and Head of School at The School of Medicine concurs that financial hardship is often a course completion deterrent for some highly talented students.

“The ability for students to support themselves through their degree can be a challenge further magnified during unprecedented times. We’re delighted to partner with Credabl to help reduce the financial pressure on students so they can concentrate on their studies and career progression.”

Dr Dinesh Palipana, Griffith University Alumni, approached Credabl with the idea to launch the Scholarships. Dr Palipana suffered a severe spinal injury in a car crash when he was half way through medical school. Today, he is Queensland’s first quadriplegic doctor, working at one of the state’s busiest hospitals.

“If access to a generous support package like this was available during my studies it would have been a game-changer. Knowing I had funds to support me throughout the final years of my degree, especially after the accident, would have absolutely alleviated some of the stresses on me and my support network.”

Stafford Hamilton, Credabl CEO did not hesitate to support the initiative.

“Our proposition at Credabl is to help medical professionals access the tools to enable them to do what they do. This starts at the very beginning of their career and ensuring that they can complete their studies, with as few financial burdens as possible, before their professional ambitions come to life. Establishing the Griffith University Financial Hardship Scholarship is testament to our commitment to making meaningful contributions to the medical community.”

The Griffith University and Credabl Financial Hardship Scholarship is available to all students entering their first year of Master of Dentistry and third year Doctor of Medicine students. For applying, make sure you review the scholarship and see if it may benefit you and your journey. For more information visit or




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