Everyone has been very quick to wish 2020 away and the sentiment of bringing on 2021 is a popular one. But as we reflect on the year that was, we realise how many lessons we have learnt and how much we have to be grateful for. Credabl’s 2020 wrap-up video featured above is just a small sample of what we’ve achieved this year.

Thinking back to the first part of 2020, many of us entered the world of lockdown and were forced into entirely new psychological and social situations. It’s tempting to situate this experience in the past and try to move on, but it’s important to take some key learnings with you. We thought we would share a few realisations that were made evident to us during this time (some of which you might remember relating to or which still affect you now).


We actually don’t need that much in life   

When your home becomes your office, your school, your restaurant and everything else in between, it’s easy to feel trapped. However, you may have used the experience to take note of how little you can sustain yourself and your family on. Recognising the benefits of living in Australia and being grateful for what we have, not what we don’t have are experiences many of us have had. Perhaps you were even left questioning “how much do really need?  

When it comes down to it our basic needs are a roof over our heads, food for our families and social interaction – the latter perhaps the hardest of them all to sustain whilst in iso 


We need things to look forward to 

Another lesson we learnt in lockdown was that you need to create things for yourself to look forward to. Maybe date night, a weekend away, time for yourself. If you don’t create the space, no one will. 

For many, the only thing that got them through the harsh lockdowns was knowing that they had ‘freedom’ in sight. After you’re done reminiscing and learning from the ‘rear view mirror’, it becomes particularly important to look out of the windscreen and into the future, taking with what you’ve learnt from the past. 


It’s good to take risks from time to time 

Something that lacking options unlocked in many was a desire to take risks and create change. Taking measured risks gives you the space to grow and you will often by surprised by the outcome! People grow the most when they leave their comfort zones and have a wander in the unknown.  


You can always be in control even when you’re not 

That might sound contradictory, but it is a shared feeling by many who went through lockdowns throughout the year. Our movements were restricted, we couldn’t choose what we ate, we might have had no alcohol or espresso for two weeks. For some, this could have been completely overwhelming and unprecedented. 

Something to learn from this is that you can always maintain some form of control or discretion. You can decide who you speak to and when, what you read and so on. In some situations, it becomes increasingly important to still feel in control (even with a seemingly untameable environment swirling around you).  

This year has been a wake-up call that nothing is constant. Things are always changing and evolving. But, wget to choose how to respond to it. You might find one or more of these realisations at play in your everyday or professional lives. We are always being challenged and surprised by our patients, staff, colleagues, families and the environment we are in. 

Take the time as the year ends to share your reflections with those around you, hopefully you’ve got something positive to lead the charge into 2021.  


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