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Agencies with their market knowledge and extensive networks can provide valuable assistance in the search for medical practices for sale in Victoria. They can offer insights into potential practices that align with your budget and specific requirements, taking into account various factors like the location, size and specialty of the practice. Additionally, they can facilitate negotiations, ensuring that all legal and regulatory requirements are met seamlessly. Their knowledge and connections can make the complex process of purchasing a medical practice much more manageable. Alongside their services, we at Credabl can provide substantial financial support. Our bespoke loans, designed with medical professionals in mind, simplify the financing aspect of the purchase process. With the combined efforts of an experienced agency and our tailored financing solutions, you can navigate the path to owning a medical practice in Victoria with confidence.

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PARTNER POST: Starting up your health practice? Legal Check before you sign anything!

To begin with, a suitable premises is found, you have inspected, and the leasing agent has provided you with a heads of agreement, lease proposal, offer to lease (or whatever leasing agents wish to proffer to you) (preliminary agreement). …

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10 May 2022

Making the most of EOFY deadlines by timing your business purchases

Practices are navigating through the third year of ups and downs brought on by the pandemic. But the pursuit of business continuity and growth means that owners still need to make important calls for their practices. …

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13 April 2022

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