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Amalgam Advisors provide Tax, Accounting and Specialist Business Advisory Services to the Dental, Medical and Veterinary industries which include a wide range of services such as practice start up advisory, strategic planning, business valuations, sale and acquisition, estate planning, self managed superfunds (SMSF) and much more. 

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The top 3 reasons you should reach out to Amalgam Advisors for specialist Dental, Medical & Veterinary tax and accounting services.

Specialised Tax Expertise

Not all accountants understand the dental industry the same. Dental accountants know exactly which expenses to claim and what steps we need to take to minimise your tax. We keep up to date with industry & legislative changes, ensuring you always remain compliant.

Comprehensive Practice Management

We have an in-depth knowledge of the situations you face every day. SFA’s & dental contractors, business structures, business planning & advice (just for example) are all matters we deal with for dentists & medical professionals on a daily basis. You will have the confidence knowing that you have an accountant who can advise you (without guesswork) on where your practice stands and have the right information for benchmarking.

Strategic Partnerships

Critical contacts to other trusted dental specialist advisors. We stress that it is equally important “who you know” and “what you know”. Aligning with other dental specialists such as Brokers, Lawyers & Lenders (which is where Credabl come in) can only set you up for success & longevity. We can help put you in touch with the right people so that you always receive the best advice.

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The ATO announced an exemption on FBT on Electric Vehicles - subject (of course) to a few key conditions. Let’s take a look at what these changes are in the most recent article from Amalgam Advisors.…

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10 May 2024

Amalgam Advisors can support you on your dental practice ownership journey.
PARTNER POST: Thinking of Buying a Dental Practice?

A specialist dental accounting team, such as Amalgam Advisors, is essential when making significant financial decisions, to avoid costly mistakes down the line when you are looking to set-up your own dental practice.…

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11 June 2024

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