DIO Implant

Primarily a manufacturer of dental implants, but its distinctive core competencies and competitiveness are based on digital workflow solutions, represented by 100% digital guided implant solution, which is called "DIOnavi" and digital full arch solution("DIOnavi Full Arch").

Human Happiness, Healthy Living, Ultimate Value of DIO

With corporate social responsibility, the core of who we are and what we do, DIO's ultimate goal is to pursue and envision a world where everybody enjoys happiness and healthy living.

    DIO Implant Latest Products

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    DIOnavi Full Arch

    • Complete solution for edentulous patients.
    • DIOnavi. digital guide system offers high accuracy
    • Shorten chair time
    • Comfortable prosthesis for patients with the digital system
    • Video Explainer - Here

    DIO UV Implant & Activator

    • Remove hydrocarbon from the implant surface
    • Become hydrophilic implant surface
    • Fast and stable osteointegration
    • Only 20 seconds of UV irradiation time
    • Video Explainer - Here

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    DIOnavi. FullArch Dentist Testimonial

    Dr. Kristallis & Dr. Archambault discusses a few of the things he loves about the DIOnavi. Full Arch System. The DIO Full Arch system is fully digital and makes treating full arch cases drastically easier with improved clinical outcomes.
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    Feature articles

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