Join Australian Dental Practices and use Invedent’s software to order and manage stock within one application!

Master the business side of dentistry with a scalable ordering & stock management process

Invedent is the very first dental-specific ordering and stock management system available to the Australian market. 

Invedent is a fast, simple, and affordable platform that allows you to automatically create and send orders to all of your suppliers, make better purchasing decisions and implement a quick and efficient inventory process.  

Whether you are looking to increase your practice's valuation before you sell, buy a dental practice, start one from scratch, or simply find a faster and easier way to manage your supplies, now it's time for your business efforts to pack a punch. 

Say goodbye to age-old, expensive, time-consuming ordering and stock management methods and increase your practice's cost-efficiency with fast, accurate, automated stock tracking, stocktake, and ordering!

Our latest offer

Invedent is offering all dental professionals who have just purchased or started a brand new dental practice the opportunity to implement a reliable and scalable stock process. With Invedent, you’ll get everything you need to support an accurate stocktake on the settlement date and provide transparency between the buyer and seller. Try it now, risk-free!

Latest products

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Stock Management

  • One button scanning out of products
  • Insights into stock on hand
  • Get alerts when stock is running low 
  • Never run out of stock again
  • Plus other amazing features
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  • Browse through thousands of products
  • Place an order across all suppliers
  • Find the best deals from your preferred suppliers
  • Track backorders
  • And much more…all in one place
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Feature articles

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Buying a dental practice is an exciting moment, but it can also be extremely challenging. Every element of your business is down to you, not to mention the niggling doubt that you might do something wrong. …

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5 October 2021

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PARTNER POST: How to get your dental practice ready to sell

Regardless of the reason to sell, there are many key elements you need to consider to prepare for a smooth transition – all of them having an impact on the financial value of your practice. …

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10 March 2022

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