Miatech Australia

The digital diagnostic imaging equipment supply and maintenance specialists for the small animal and equine industry.

Welcome to Miatech Australia

DR Imaging is our life, it's all we do. Miatech Australia prides itself on the highest levels of customer support for the top end products we bring to the Australian market - boasting a 100% customer satisfaction rating, something very few companies can claim. As medical imaging technology continues to evolve, the needs of medical and veterinary professionals change.

The expectations of their clients and patients also change. That’s why more and more professionals turn to Miatech Australia for their diagnostic imaging equipment talk to the professionals and the company that actually cares about their customers. The best advice, the best solutions to your DR imaging needs.

    Latest products

    Check out some of the products from Miatech Australia.

    Small animal digital imaging

    Miatech Australia are the exclusive Australian distributors for the Rayence range of flat panel digital imaging receptors.

    • Acquisition software
    • 1717SCC Tethered DR
    • Finevet DR9
    • 1417WCC Wireless DR

    Equine digital imaging

    The Rayence range of DR panels is known throughout the world as having by far the best price/performance ratio on the market.

    • 1012WCA Wireless DR
    • 1417WCC Wireless DR
    • AlphaQ UltraLite Portable Wireless DR System

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