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Pilot Chartered Accountants have experience working with a wide range of medical practitioners from around Australia and are committed to providing specialised accounting, tax and advisory services to the medical community.

Looking for specialised medical accounting and tax advisory services?

The Pilot Partners team understand that Medical Practitioners operate in a complex and demanding area and require trusted advisors who understand the unique pressures, time constraints and requirements that medical professionals face.

The Pilot Medical Services division is led by Angela Stavropoulos and Kristy Baxter. They have more than 25 years of experience each, helping doctors make smart, informed business decisions. They assist sole practitioners, general practitioners that operate as part of a medical centre, and specialist medical practitioners. The Pilot medico team provide a comprehensive range of accounting, bookkeeping, business advisory, audit and tax services to help practices achieve financial success.

We understand that you may have questions regarding your accounting needs, and our team would be happy to meet with you and discuss your specific issues and requirements.

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Pilot Partners are offering a complimentary half-hour consultation by phone, Microsoft Teams or in person at the Pilot Partners offices in Brisbane. This is an exclusive offer for Credabl clients, to discuss your accounting and tax planning needs*.

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Accounting, Structuring & Asset Protection

As medical professionals, it is essential to have your accounting, structuring and asset protection set up correctly from the start. Protecting your assets and wealth throughout your career will benefit you now and in the future.

 Structuring should be considered at various stages of your medical career, including:

  • Setting up your business – structuring this correctly at the beginning will benefit you in the long-term;
  • Buying assets – always be vigilant as to whose name they are purchased under and consider each asset purchase as a separate transaction;
  • Planning for retirement – review your overall asset holdings and wealth accumulation in determining income levels and asset security.

As well as asset protection, there are also tax and wealth accumulation benefits to ensuring your structures are set up correctly from the outset of your medical career journey.

Tax Planning, Budgeting & Cash flow management

Accounting and tax planning for medical professionals can be complex, requiring the right advice to ensure your financial affairs are up to date and compliant, as well as being tax effective. Considerations in this regard include the following:

  • Staying up to date on your tax responsibilities – this ensures positive compliance history with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO);
  • Claiming the right deductions – doctors and other medical professionals are able to claim a number of deductions as employed doctors, or as medical business owners. The right advice for claiming all available deductions will ensure tax minimisation;
  • Saving for tax & managing cash flow – many established medical professionals operate under an ABN. It is important to be aware there is no tax withheld on income earned using an ABN. The tax is paid when the income tax return is lodged, or by way of quarterly PAYG instalments. The ATO expects medical business operators to make a provision for any upcoming tax liabilities. Although the tax system is ever changing, the ATO will not accept ignorance as an excuse;
  • Budgeting – Taxpayers in business are expected to budget for their tax liabilities, as well as everyday expenses, to ensure your cash flow is adequate to meet any tax liabilities and remain compliant.

Strategic Medical Business Solutions

Future Mapping your business and life goals

Having a clear roadmap for your future will help achieve your financial goals and desired outcomes for your life and your medical business. Pilot works through an individualised ‘future mapping’ approach to guide their medical clients, setting out a practical roadmap for success. Read more about our future mapping process to learn how this can empower you to achieve your business and lifestyle outcomes.

Private Practice Planning, Implementation and Management

Pilot Partners can help you implement your roadmap, to take your medical practice to the next level. Through the provision of the full range of services for private practice planning, implementation and management, our Medical services team can assist with a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Business growth and exit planning

Whether you’re expanding your medical business, or looking to develop a plan for your successful exit or retirement, Pilot can assist to help maximise your business value and help you prepare and achieve a business exit result that meets your business, family and personal objectives.

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