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Australia’s leading practice sales brokerage provides comprehensive, confidential practice sales services, finding you the best price and terms for the sale of your practice.

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Practice Sale Search is Australia’s largest dental practice sales company, offering comprehensive dental practice brokering services. With a database of over 1000 buyers and more than 100 practices for sale, Practice Sale Search is Australia’s leading sale service for dental practices Australia-wide. It is comprised of a fantastic team of consultants, from many different backgrounds, giving you the benefit of decades of experience and expertise in the dental industry.

Practice Sale Search has hundreds of registered qualified buyers to draw from, with unparalleled access to extensive networks within the industry. It saves vendors valuable time and money, managing every stage of the sale, from engagement, information gathering and collation, marketing, negotiations, through to exchange, settlement and post-sale employment.

Upcoming Exit Planning Seminars in 2024

Practice Sale Search’s Exit Planning Seminar, “Exiting your practice and maximising your outcome”, is a one-day CPD course that teaches practice owners how to prepare their practices for sale, so that they get the best possible result for their practice. Click the button below to register now!
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Listing a practice

We have the largest database of practices listed for sale in Australia and New Zealand, ranging from small one-chair practices to large multi-surgery practices.

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Buying a practice

We provide detailed information to buyers and arrange viewings so that they can see the practice and have access to all the necessary information to enable them to make an informed, serious offer.

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Selling a practice

We are involved in all aspects of the sales process, from information gathering through to settlement and post-sale employment negotiations.

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PARTNER POST: Running a successful business is not a sprint or marathon

There is a common saying that running a successful business and having a successful career is “a marathon, not a sprint”. The saying is meant to remind people to think long term, to pace themselves and have longevity in mind, rather than just short-term results. …

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28 September 2022

PARTNER POST: Why good business owners sell strong practices

One of the first questions that a buyer will ask when a business is for sale is, “Why are they selling?”. According to Simon Palmer, when the business is strong and the vendors seem young and healthy, buyers will often show some incredulity.…

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17 August 2022

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