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TADA Services is an advisory business that only provides tax advice to dentists, dental practice owners, and dental specialists. Our aim is to ensure tax compliance, tax efficiency, and education on your financial affairs.

A fresh approach to helping dentists understand tax

Albert Gigl has been known & respected for 20 years as a Specialist Tax Accountant, guest speaker and writer for the ADAVB.

Albert’s new company, TADA Services provides specialist advice to Dentists & Dental Practice Owners in easy-to-understand terms, so that you achieve the best possible results. Appointments can be made outside of practice hours, including weekends.

Advisory services include understanding the process to buying or selling your practice, liaising with your lawyer, conducting financial due diligence, practice valuations, assistance with business plans, and cash flow projections / budgets.

Taxation advice includes responding to queries related to income tax, taxation of companies and trusts, capital gains tax, GST, payroll tax, corporate structures and Service & Facility Agreements (SFA’s).

Operational advice includes the tax efficient use of corporate structures, engagement of dental contractors, understanding your numbers, tax reduction strategies such as negative gearing or bucket companies and tax benefits in superannuation (Self-Managed Super Fund).

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Buying a practice? Book a complimentary advisory session to understand the timeline and process for buying a practice including discussion on appropriate corporate structures, business valuations, and financial due diligence.
TADA Offer for when buying a practice

Latest services

Check out the key services from TADA

Practice valuation & purchase

  • Review practice financial data, prepare EBITDA calculation and assess the fair market value of the dental practice.
  • Financial due diligence.
  • Liaison with lawyers and interested parties to assist with negotiations & practice purchase.
  • Tax and strategic advice relating to new start-ups.

Company trust & structures

  • Advise on the most appropriate structure for your individual circumstances when buying a practice.
  • Review existing corporate structure for tax efficiency.
  • Use of bucket companies and SMSFs (Self-Managed Super Funds) to reduce tax and build wealth.

Tax planning & strategy

  • Advice to keep you abreast of changes to tax laws.
  • Strategic advice to reduce your tax liability and your exposure to tax audits.
  • Benchmarking, budgeting, and advice on business improvement.
  • Advice on capital gains tax (CGT), GST, negative gearing, payroll tax and SFA’s.

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Introduction to TADA Services

Hear from Albert Gigl and learn about the services provided TADA.
TADA Tax accounting

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