Architecture – Equipment – Technology. Our team at Therian are highly skilled specialists in the veterinary industry, creating bespoke solutions to meet the needs of your veterinary practice.

About Therian

With over 30 years of diverse industry experience and 600+ projects completed, we understand your needs and are ready to help enhance and grow your practice. We bring our expertise to each project, crafting solutions for each of our clients, to reflect the services and culture that differentiate their business.

 We assist with all your needs from tailored facility design and veterinary equipment solutions to increasing Return on Investment and technology solutions to improve profitability, safety and efficiency. Operating on a platform of Innovation through Design, Safety and Functionality, thinking outside the box is what our clients expect when they come to us – resulting in the best possible outcomes for your staff, your clients, and the patients in your care.

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    Architecture & Design

    • Architecture team are highly skilled specialists in animal care facilities and able to assist with the design of new facilities, refurbishment of current premises, or advise on new sites
    • Bespoke designs to maximise use of space and increased ROI
    • Understand the needs of your business

    Equipment & Fitout

    • With a wealth of experience, consultative solutions are provided to enhance your workplace operations
    • Improved outcomes and efficiencies with specialised animal housing and internal fitout equipment lines for any animal care facilities
    • Quality where it counts


    • Optimise the health of your veterinary practice with Cubex Inventory Management, eliminating labour-intensive processes such as stocktake, inventory tracking and re-ordering
    • Cubex can capture on average $25,000 per doctor in missed charges, secure controlled drugs with the automated login and ensure correct dosage is recorded and captured
    • Increase profitability, lower cost

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    Therian Client Story - Heartlands Veterinary Hospital

    Therian was engaged by Heartlands Veterinary Hospital to supply a wide range of specialist capital equipment, for their York clinic in Western Australia. From theatre lights and exam tables to cat condos and walk-in dog runs, Therian equipped the Heartlands York clinic for small animal consultations and small animal surgery. Watch the video to hear what Heartlands Veterinary Hospital owner Dr. Tracy Thornton has to say about how Therian helped creating a fear free environment for her patients.
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    Feature articles

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    PARTNER POST: Through thoughtful design comes better care

    The relevance of a well-designed workspace never carried so much weight, as it became necessary to have areas within the clinic that could adapt to these new conditions. …

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    5 October 2021

    PARTNER POST: How vet professionals can maximise efficiency and enhance patient care

    According to specialty veterinary supplier Therian, becoming more mindful of staff wellbeing is a real after-effect of the global veterinary shortage. …

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    13 October 2022

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