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Whitehead Legal exclusively advise in the healthcare landscape throughout Australia. We understand the process and the critical commercial and operational issues for health practitioners

Lawyers for health practitioners since 1983

Concentrating our legal practice solely on the Dental, Veterinary, Medical and Allied Health professions has developed into a specialist skill set and knowledge bank. We focus exclusively on business advice. 

We understand the process and the critical issues for practitioners selling or buying a practice or starting a practice up; The value of proper due diligence and goodwill protection, investigation of town planning issues and employee entitlements; accurate sale, acquisition and lease documentation; The value of proper employment and contractor/services agreements and appropriate HR performance management documentation. We impress the importance of proper foundation documentation (whether you are buying or starting up) in ongoing associateship, partnership, share/unitholder agreements. We have rigorous transaction checklists to avoid surprises.

We take ownership of issues in a transparent and trustworthy manner. We communicate only in plain English adopting a win/win approach to build the right solutions. We openly share our expertise and knowledge. We work flexi hours so we’re approachable after your last appointments.

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Free access to our whiteheadlegal.com.au website studio of solutions to use and diagnose your important legal needs via our Legal Health Check. This quick online tool is usually $100.00; it takes approximately 15 minutes and outlines your most important legal needs (both practice and personal) so that you can take action now to avoid future regrets. We can then chat about the outcome of your Legal Health Check and recommend any next steps – all Gratis!
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Acquiring a Practice or Starting up a practice

    • Conducting due diligence on a health practice, negotiating with the vendor or the vendor’s broker, liaising with the vendor’s accountants/financiers, reviewing and finalising practice acquisition agreements through to settlement.
    • Conducting due diligence on a practice premises, negotiating with the landlord and/or agent, reviewing and finalising offers/heads of agreements and finalising start-up lease documentation.

Securing foundation documentation

    • Preparing equity agreements (partnership/shareholder etc) for multiple owner practices all containing appropriate pre-emptive rights, enforceable practice restraints, termination etc.

    • Preparing service facility/contractor agreements and ensuring practice restraints, confidential information, termination, etc is documented appropriately. 

    • Ensuring employee HR/FairWork compliance with appropriate employment contracts, performance management and policies and procedures etc.

Exit strategies and Selling your practice

    • Preparing the necessary documentation for a vendor, within 5 years to 1 month out from accepting a purchaser’s or associate’s offer, to be ‘practice sale ready’.
    • Conducting due diligence on a practice, liaising with the vendor’s broker/accountant/financier and negotiating with the purchaser. Preparing and finalising practice sale agreements and managing the sale through to settlement.

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10 May 2022

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