Stafford Hamilton

Stafford Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer @ Credabl

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Stafford's Story

Hear about Stafford’s journey at Credabl and how he became the captain of the ship.

With a background in financial services and IT gained in the UK, South Africa and Australia, Stafford was a co-founder of Australia’s largest medical and dental financier. As the CEO of Credabl, he combines the expertise of an MBA graduate with 20 years of experience supporting the medical community.

For a chat about my dental business or anything financial, Stafford’s my go to guy! He’s helped me finance almost everything over 15 years because he understands me & my needs. He listens before speaking & takes time to understand every angle. I get sound guidance; he challenges my thinking when needed & he makes it easy to build my family’s future.

Dr Peter Dayman, Dentist

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