About Credabl

We’re Credabl, a team of specialist lenders providing quick and easy loans for medical professionals

Our Story

From the very first day we opened our digital doors we’ve had one goal – to change the medical finance game. To ensure that medical professionals receive the financial attention they deserve in both their personal and professional lives.

Credabl is the evolution of a journey that started nearly 25 years ago, when our team began developing and innovating healthcare finance under various brands in Australia. And now, as Credabl, we offer medical finance solutions that are simplified, customised and digitised.

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Our Team

Amanda Nicholls
Lewis Johns
Simon Moore
Alison Gardner
Katie Kahler
Sandy Constanti
Teresa Nguyen
Lindsay Rose
Ali Joyce
Debbie Kiely
Nick Tagg
Craig Spiegel
Josh Mundey
Scott Hutchinson
Paul Hastings
Stafford Hamilton
Krissy Hamilton
Kelly Gall
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We are full supporters of Credabl especially for our dental clients. You never, ever, let us down.

Albert Gigl – Partner, MW Partners, Specialised Dental Accountants

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to fuel your ambition

As a purpose-driven organisation, at Credabl we strive to add real value to others. We assemble the best minds, connecting driven clients with our passionate team to achieve the mutual success that positively changes lives and the world.


We are a constant source of energy, stimulating growth and supporting people to greater and greater heights. Never satisfied with the status quo, we innovate to inflame ambition and enable progress. We are partners to the driven, providing the fuel, while they determine their destination.


Our optimism and energy enable constant growth. We are driven to make a difference, and to help others realise opportunities they didn’t know or believe were achievable. We don’t wait for the future, but constantly pursue progress with purposeful intent. We are all passionate about realising the next success for our clients, partners, and people.

Our Values

We are proud to care for clients so they feel loved and choose us as their trusted finance partner. Our core values describe what we stand for, shaping our culture, influencing who we are and what we do.

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Our Backbone

Investment and advisory firm, Monash Private Capital, and its capital solutions business, Maia Financial, have a strategic investment in Credabl. Put simply, they have opened doors for us and bulked up our operational capability so we can bring you the best products and services possible. The best part is, we’re in a long-term relationship and both us and our partners have more than 25 years of experience working with the medical sector.

Australian Credit Licence (ACL): 499547