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Preparing to purchase a new vehicle is a major decision and can be overwhelming when it comes to understanding the financing aspect.
Five finance tips for buying a new car

7 min read

Preparing to purchase a new vehicle is a major decision and can be overwhelming when it comes to understanding the financing aspect. Use this step-by-step guide to ensure you're across our five essential tips for buying a new car.…

TipsFinanceCar Loans
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What is an overdraft facility and its advantages?

5 min read

An overdraft is a borrowing facility that has an approved credit limit and is linked to a bank account. It can be drawn on at any time and is most useful for day-to-day practice expenses.…

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October 2022-23 Federal Budget snapshot

10 min read

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered his first budget for the Anthony Albanese government on 25 October. Credabl’s Treasurer, Dennis Koh, provides a brief snapshot on the key finance, healthcare and business-related headlines from the budget papers. …

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Important considerations before purchasing commercial property

5 min read

When you buy a house, you usually consider your desired lifestyle and budget then work backwards to determine how much you can borrow and seek a pre-approval. The house you buy – assuming you live in it – is more than just the bricks and mortar.…

Practice LoansFinance
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Buy now or wait and see?

5 min read

Another month, another rate hike. If you’re looking to buy residential property – particularly if you’re a first homebuyer – it’s hard to know what to do in this economy with the ongoing interest rate rises.…

TipsHome Loans
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aussie shephard
Is there a framework for setting up a veterinary practice?

4 min read

Deciding to set up your veterinary practice, clinic or hospital – whether from scratch or buying an existing practice – is a huge decision that requires a high level of due diligence. But it’s also an exciting one.…

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Prioritising cash flow for a rainy day

4 min read

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that having a rainy day fund is more than a great idea – it’s essential in business today. You just never know if or when a major event could impact your revenue and savings in a pretty significant way.…

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How can I get my practice loan approved quickly?

7 min read

Whether it’s a small purchase or a sizeable one, you may find that you need finance to help your business grow or get started. …

DentalVeterinaryMedicalPractice Loans
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PARTNER POST: Why now is a great time to sell your practice

8 min read

According to Sally Stuart, Business Sales Specialist at LINK Business, whether 2022 has you feeling like you are part of this camp, or perhaps you are coping okay and even finding ways to grow your business, the questions still exist: …

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How regular financial health checks open up more opportunities

5 min read

Whether you refer to it as a business health check, a financial health check, or financial review, going through business finances is not everyone’s favourite activity and can be daunting for practice owners. …

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