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Explore articles by the Credabl team that provide lending and financial tips for medical professionals.

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Interite Healthcare Interiors blog 1
PARTNER POST: Four steps to your new animal hospital

7 min read

Animal owners will take their beloved pet to only the best animal hospital, because they are more than just pets. How do you get your Animal Hospital to be the talk of the town? …

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Medical Practice
PARTNER POST: Must-know rules to buy a practice in Australia

8 min read

Are you looking to buy a business? Australia is somewhat infamous for having a long list of rules and regulations regarding business investing. …

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Invedent article 2
PARTNER POST: What you need to know about buying a dental practice

7 min read

Buying a dental practice is an exciting moment, but it can also be extremely challenging. Every element of your business is down to you, not to mention the niggling doubt that you might do something wrong. …

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PARTNER POST: What does a life insurance broker do?

9 min read

A life insurance insurance broker is a specialist in life insurance and the management of financial risks arising from death, illness or injury.…

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Australian Suburbs
Borrowing money as a Non-Resident

5 min read

To borrow money in Australia before you hold a Permanent Residency (PR) is tricky. There are things you can do to prepare for making the purchases you’re hoping to once you’ve gained your PR.…

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Top car recommendations with a $50,000 budget

6 min read

You’re thinking of buying a new car with a budget of up to $50,000 but you’re not sure where to start.…

TipsFinanceCar Loans
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Preparing for the unexpected with the right insurance
Preparing for the unexpected with the right insurance

5 min read

A new loan and the asset it buys can be exciting. But what happens when something unexpected goes wrong with the borrower’s health? …

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PARTNER POST: Points to consider when buying a dental practice

7 min read

It is important to understand the difference between starting a dental practice and buying an existing dental practice. While starting up from scratch may come with a lower price tag, buying an existing practice will usually end up costing less in the long run. …

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Experien craig
Income Protection: What to expect from 1st October 2021

11 min read

In this chat, Craig Spiegel (Finance Specialist at Credabl) discusses with Lloyd Levin (Principal Adviser at Experien Insurance Services) the significant changes coming into effect for Income Protection policies coming from 1 October 2021.…

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evoke blog
PARTNER POST: How WELL is your healthcare practice?

12 min read

The design of your medical practice affects everybody who enters it, including patients, doctors, ancillary healthcare workers, staff and suppliers. So how can you incorporate WELL principles into your healthcare practice? …

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