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Top car recommendations with a $50,000 budget

6 min read

You’re thinking of buying a new car with a budget of up to $50,000 but you’re not sure where to start.…

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Preparing for the unexpected with the right insurance
Preparing for the unexpected with the right insurance

5 min read

A new loan and the asset it buys can be exciting. But what happens when something unexpected goes wrong with the borrower’s health? …

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Family Dental Yamba uses Credabl’s Helping Hand Grant for practice expansion and community impact

9 min read

Between patients, Credabl caught up with Dr Annie to learn more about the practice and how Family Dental Yamba is benefitting from the Credabl Helping Hand Grant.…

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PARTNER POST: Points to consider when buying a dental practice

7 min read

It is important to understand the difference between starting a dental practice and buying an existing dental practice. While starting up from scratch may come with a lower price tag, buying an existing practice will usually end up costing less in the long run. …

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Perfect Practice Article 2
PARTNER POST: Location matters

9 min read

Location matters for any business, but for a medical practice, finding the right location is critical to the success of the business and it is one of the most important decisions a healthcare professional can make. …

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PARTNER POST: Using guided surgery and a full digital workflow

9 min read

The utilisation of a full digital workflow eliminates the disadvantages and difficulties commonly associated with conventional analog techniques. …

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PARTNER POST: Expanding in-house technologies

9 min read

Dr Ceri Owen-Roberts is the Principal of Elgin Park Dental Practice in Bristol, England. He has a particular interest in restorative dentistry and dental implants. In the following article, Dr Roberts explains how he came to equip his clinic with a Planmeca CBCT unit. …

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cutera blog 1
PARTNER POST: A new muscle stimulation game-changer

10 min read

New muscle-building innovation can now replicate intensified crunches, squats and twisting actions through unique multi-directional stimulation (MDS) technology.…

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Experien craig
Income Protection: What to expect from 1st October 2021

11 min read

In this chat, Craig Spiegel (Finance Specialist at Credabl) discusses with Lloyd Levin (Principal Adviser at Experien Insurance Services) the significant changes coming into effect for Income Protection policies coming from 1 October 2021.…

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Perfect Practice Article 1
PARTNER POST: The importance of good practice design

9 min read

Good practice design should provide an inviting space of comfort and calm when people are feeling at their most vulnerable. …

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PARTNER POST: Cutera Australia & New Zealand launches truSculpt flex+

8 min read

Leading medical aesthetics company, CUTERA ANZ, has introduced an Australian-first in body-sculpting solutions with the arrival of truSculpt flex+. …

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