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PARTNER POST: Safety and therapeutic design factors for mental healthcare clinics

5 min read

When it comes to designing mental healthcare environments and practices, design considerations become even more crucial. According to Interite Healthcare Interiors, the following factors must be respected.…

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PARTNER POST: The importance of community

5 min read

The day that COVID-19 swept into our lives and turned everything upside down seems far away, but the lessons it taught us will stay with us forever. As many of us battled a sense of isolation and so much more, the saving grace was community, according to General Dental Residency.…

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ESG should be embedded into a practice’s risk framework
Why medical practices need to get on the ESG front foot

15 min read

The need for a business to document its approach to ESG impacts is only growing, as it becomes of more and more interest to potential investors and financiers, practice buyers, as well as staff, particularly the environmentally conscious younger generations.…

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How to communicate effectively with your patients

6 min read

Your methods of communication, as well as the frequency and purpose of the communication greatly influence how your patients experience your practice. Consider the following communication factors when starting up your practice.…

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health and wellbeing
Putting your mental health and wellbeing first

5 min read

It’s a major step to decide to invest and prioritise yourself. Here’s a list that can help with acknowledging and reframing your mindset, ensuring you are meeting your basic needs and finding ways to introduce self-care.…

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Credabl successfully renewed its funding warehouse in October 2022.
Press release: Funding warehouse update

15 min read

Credabl successfully renewed its funding warehouse in October 2022.…

Press ReleaseMedicalDentalVeterinaryFinance
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kristina cain
Top dental career advice from Dr Kristina Cain

7 min read

She is a leading authority on dental health thanks to her business, Smilechix, and as well as being the Principal Dentist at Refresh Dental Spa in Brisbane. …

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What is an overdraft facility and its advantages?

5 min read

An overdraft is a borrowing facility that has an approved credit limit and is linked to a bank account. It can be drawn on at any time and is most useful for day-to-day practice expenses.…

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October 2022-23 Federal Budget snapshot

10 min read

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered his first budget for the Anthony Albanese government on 25 October. Credabl’s Treasurer, Dennis Koh, provides a brief snapshot on the key finance, healthcare and business-related headlines from the budget papers. …

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PARTNER POST: Running a successful business is not a sprint or marathon

9 min read

There is a common saying that running a successful business and having a successful career is “a marathon, not a sprint”. The saying is meant to remind people to think long term, to pace themselves and have longevity in mind, rather than just short-term results. …

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