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Why marketing is a crucial part of your practice setup

5 min read

Whether you’ve purchased a practice with existing patients or have set up a brand new practice and need to build a new client base from scratch, marketing your practice plays an important role in keeping your business going from an operational and fiscal standpoint. …

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Developing a strong brand for your practice

5 min read

The significance of a medical practice’s name, visual and brand identity are often overlooked. …

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Helping Hand Grants
Press Release: Credabl Helping Hand Grants return to support medical, dental and veterinary practices

15 min read

Credabl, 1 September 2022. The Credabl Helping Hand Grants are back to help practices grow. Valued over $10,000, the grants will be awarded to up to five recipients around Australia. If you own, manage or work for a medical, dental or veterinary practice, you can apply now.…

VeterinaryDentalMedicalPress Release
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Prioritising cash flow for a rainy day

4 min read

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that having a rainy day fund is more than a great idea – it’s essential in business today. You just never know if or when a major event could impact your revenue and savings in a pretty significant way.…

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PARTNER POST: Why good business owners sell strong practices

9 min read

One of the first questions that a buyer will ask when a business is for sale is, “Why are they selling?”. According to Simon Palmer, when the business is strong and the vendors seem young and healthy, buyers will often show some incredulity.…

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PARTNER POST: How to create a successful healthcare business

6 min read

Successfully creating and growing a thriving healthcare business is vital to both your bottom line, your staff retention and your patient experiences. There are many contributing factors that assist as the key ingredients to ensuring its success.…

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How can I get my practice loan approved quickly?

7 min read

Whether it’s a small purchase or a sizeable one, you may find that you need finance to help your business grow or get started. …

DentalVeterinaryMedicalPractice Loans
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PARTNER POST: Why now is a great time to sell your practice

8 min read

According to Sally Stuart, Business Sales Specialist at LINK Business, whether 2022 has you feeling like you are part of this camp, or perhaps you are coping okay and even finding ways to grow your business, the questions still exist: …

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How regular financial health checks open up more opportunities

5 min read

Whether you refer to it as a business health check, a financial health check, or financial review, going through business finances is not everyone’s favourite activity and can be daunting for practice owners. …

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Practice Funding 101: simple and tailored solutions

3 min read

Credabl’s finance specialist, Ali Joyce, presented at a Henry Schein webinar in June, covering these common questions as well as the key considerations and the logic behind setting up.…

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