The Credabl Team

Aaron Gardner

Aaron Gardner.

Leveraging his property law background and client service expertise, Aaron simplifies residential lending for you. Renowned for his attention to detail and energy, Aaron is passionate about guiding you towards your dream home.

Residential Lending Specialist

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Ali Joyce

Ali Joyce.

Ali’s organised and thorough approach and experience is highly valued by her clients. She always keeps her clients well informed throughout the lending process and beyond, and has built herself a reputation for this reliability.

Finance Specialist

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Alison Gardner.

Working in the finance industry since 2012, Ali prides herself on her high level of client service. She is passionate about building long-lasting relationships and is keen to help you with all of your real estate goals!

Residential Lending Specialist

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Ash McLeod.

Combining over 10 years of banking and small business ownership, Ash knows what to enhance and leverage when it comes to finance needs. He’s passionate, hardworking and aims for a seamless experience so clients can focus on their business and career.

Finance Specialist

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Brent Hamilton.

With a diverse range of international experience in General Management, Sales and Operations, it’s no surprise that he’s the driving force behind Credabl’s team of Finance Consultants to deliver the very best for our clients, daily.

Chief Growth Officer

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Caroline Willemse.

Caroline prides herself in being able to put herself in her client's shoes in order to deliver exceptional service. She has over 15 years of banking experience and is driven to deliver great experiences for tailored commercial financial solutions

Finance Specialist

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Catherine Stewart.

Catherine is deeply passionate about understanding her clients’ needs. Her medico experience from 15 years working in banking and finance enables her to provide tailored residential lending solutions.

Residential Lending Specialist

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Craig Spiegel

Craig Spiegel.

Craig is motivated by seeing doctors and specialists establish and fit-out new practices, become practice owners, or drive away in new cars, knowing they have done so with solid financial solutions.

Finance Specialist

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Debbie Kiely

Debbie Kiely.

With Debbie’s extensive experience and passion, it is her aim as a finance specialist to go "above and beyond" for all her clients. Her motto is to build clients for life, not for a single transaction.

Finance Specialist

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Husnain Ali.

Innovative, tech-savvy and always available, Husnain has been in specialist lending for 8 years, propped by 11 years in banking. A former GP, he understands medical clients needs, their biggest challenges and what they expect from a finance partner.

Residential Lending Specialist

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Jason Organ.

Passionate and sociable, Jason’s motto is “leave all the hard work with me” so clients can focus on caring for their patients. His background in supporting medical professionals means he delivers the best outcomes for your needs and circumstances.

Finance Specialist

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Karan Tyrrell

Karan Tyrrell.

Karan has a wealth of experience across multiple industries in client relationship management. She has a passion for problem solving with the highest attention to detail and an innate ability to go above and beyond to ensure you’ve got what you need.

Finance Specialist

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Katie Kahler

Katie Kahler.

Building long term relationships with clients is Katie's passion. She will go above & beyond at any time of the day to help medical professionals with their practice or personal needs.

Finance Specialist

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Kelly Gall - Director of Commercial Business

Kelly Gall.

With over 15 years experience, Kelly will partner with you to help you make a difference and service your local community, and best of all, she’ll make your day with her great laugh.

Finance Specialist

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Kimberley Darby

Kimberley Darby.

Kim is passionate about providing unparalleled service to ensure all doctors have the right level of personal and professional support.

Residential Lending Specialist

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Krissy Hamilton

Krissy Hamilton.

You’ll hear her infectious laugh before you see her. And let that be an indication of the enjoyable experience you’ll have with Krissy whilst purchasing a property or refinancing your home loan.

Residential Lending Specialist

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Kym Bowker.

With a 20-year career in finance, Kym is all about building rapport and relationships. Detail-oriented, flexible and able to perform in challenging environments, she especially enjoys helping clients launch and grow their property portfolios.

Residential Lending Specialist

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Laura Riggio.

Working in the Finance industry since 2018, Laura prides herself on giving exceptional client service and investing in long-term relationships. She is passionate about providing financial solutions that help clients achieve their financial goals.

Finance Specialist

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Lindsay Rose

Lindsay Rose.

Having travelled to over 60 countries, we’re pretty chuffed Lindsay not only chose Australia as her home base but that she’s part of the Credabl family helping clients with their residential lending requirements.

Residential Lending Specialist

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Nick Tagg

Nick Tagg.

It’s straight down the fairway with Nick on the golf course, and when it comes to your residential lending requirements he’s there to secure you a hole-in-one.

Residential Lending Specialist

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Paul Hastings

Paul Hastings.

Paul is passionate about customising home loan solutions for doctors and medical practitioners. That’s why he's spent the last 15 years doing it!

Residential Lending Specialist

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Sandy Constanti

Sandy Constanti.

Sandy a household name in medical and dental finance with a willingness to take your call at any time of day and knowing exactly how to set clients at ease with the most suitable finance solution.

Finance Specialist

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Sarah Zhou.

Sarah understands relationships are crucial, especially when it comes to your money. With over 12 years of experience in financial advice, she guides her clients through every step and always takes a holistic view to ensure a tailored outcome.

Finance Specialist

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Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson.

Combine quick wit with over a decade of experience, Scott’s clients enjoy a good laugh whilst securing a customised financial solution for their individual practice and personal needs.

Finance Specialist

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Simon Moore.

With over half his finance career focused on medical and dental professionals, Simon focuses on finding his clients the best deal. When he’s not flying the Credabl flag, he'll be picking up the whistle and contributing positively to a game of rugby.

Finance Specialist

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Stafford Hamilton

Stafford Hamilton.

Stafford leads our strategy to deliver Credabl’s innovative specialist finance services to the broader healthcare community as well as his own medical clients.

Chief Executive Officer

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Suman Saha.

Suman has built a reputation for his work ethic and integrity. With a long history in the finance industry and over 15 years’ experience in the health sector, he loves helping customers with their unique finance solutions.

Finance Specialist

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Teresa Nguyen

Teresa Nguyen.

Teresa has spent the last 15 years working exclusively with the medical sector and is well known for crafting solutions to enable personal and business aspirations to be fulfilled.

Finance Specialist

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Tony Kalmin.

With 20 years under his belt in the Medical and Dental space, Tony is a veteran in the industry. He understands the ins and outs of your finance needs and delivers with ease.

Finance Specialist

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